Personal loans that fit your needs and budget.

A personal loan from Regional Finance can be a quick and convenient way to
get the money you need. You can get a fixed interest rate loan for small or big
expenses, including:

  • Car and truck repair loans
  • Medical bill loans
  • Wedding loans
  • New baby expenses loans
  • Emergency cash and unexpected expenses loans
  • Small home repair loans

Credit not perfect? We understand.

We’re committed to helping you find a personal loan that works for you. With our fixed rate loans, monthly payments stay the same for the life of your loan when you make your payments on time and in full. That can help you choose the loan that gets you the money you need and fits comfortably into your budget.

We understand that people hit bumps in the road that can affect their credit. So even if you have less than perfect credit, our friendly loan specialists are ready to work with you.

How is a personal loan different?

The application process for a personal loan is usually simpler and quicker than for a mortgage, home equity, or car or truck loan, which means you get your money sooner.

A personal loan is also different than using a credit card to pay for the things you need or want. With a credit card, the amount of money you owe grows when you use your card. You pay interest on your total balance, so the minimum payment
can change each month. With a fixed rate personal loan, your monthly payment stays the same as you pay back the amount you borrowed.

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Regional Finance is licensed in AL, GA, MO, NC, NM, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA and WI. Loan approval is subject to our standard credit policies. Loan size, term and rates may vary by state.